There are very few countries in the world that see travelers from across the globe. We are going to talk about one such country, Thailand. Thailand still prides itself to be a nation that was never invaded during the colonial era of the 19th and the 20th century; thus making it part of an esteemed league, a fact which is often proudly celebrated by Thailand. This incredible fact means a lot to people of Thailand because most of Thailand’s neighboring countries were under foreign rule at some point in time.

Thailand has an array of features, and one such feature is the special university that it houses. This special university is specifically for monkeys; yes, we are not joking. Thailand is known to be a place with a very high population of monkeys, to combat this and to maintain the welfare of the mammal; it was decided to start a college to train the monkeys. The monkeys are trained to collect coconuts through conditioning and other disciplined techniques. All you animal activists out there, the treatment of monkey is anything but cruel. The monkeys are well taken care of, and they are often treated with a large meal.

Certain things stand out about Thailand; one such fact is that they are living in the year 2560. The people of Thailand don’t follow the calendar that the rest of the world does and instead follow the calendar that was established by King Rama V which makes the year 543 BC as the 0th year. So in a way, one can say that Thailand is a nation that is set in the future.

Everyone has heard about red bull, the energy drink. But if you ask a passer-by about where the company was established; many would either feel it was established in a country in Europe or in the United States. But in reality, the popular energy drink was actually born in Thailand.

Thailand is a land of many traditions and one that is deep-rooted in its culture which is known to be helping and hospitable. So it is no surprise, how welcoming the people are. There are so many incredible things about Thailand; we have just spoken about the tip of the iceberg. There are certain things in life that can never be read and need to be experienced, Thailand is one such thing that needs to be experienced from within.