Thailand has a number of things to offer. Here we will look at the top five things to do in the country.

  1. The Grand Palace

We are not asking you to go to tourist spot without considering our choices. The Grand Palace has stood the test of time, as it is well over 235 years old. The Palace is filled structures that have their top parts made of gold. The Palace is the official residence to the King of Thailand and is a sight that cannot be expressed in words. Usually we tend to stay away from suggesting overcrowded locations but the sheer weight of history and the structural marvel has contributed to forcing our hand and going against our norm.

  1. The Golden Triangle

Most brochures of Thailand will definitely feature the Golden Triangle. It is the geographical location where the points of three countries meet, Thailand, Laos and Burma. Most guides would stop here but we have done the hard work for you. The Golden Triangle is the famous location that houses the Hall of Opium exhibition. The exhibition will give you an insight into the complex world that Thailand tries to hide so fiercely. The Triangle is the most iconic opium growing area in that part of the world and the area was set to have been extremely strong in economy and yet ravaged by poverty due to disproportionate share of wealth.

  1. Elephant Hills

There are a number of different venues within thailand that offer an elephant experience. But we are going to place our chips on Elephant Hills. The sanctuary saves Elephants and allows visitors to experience and mingle with the national animal of Thailand. Just be aware that it is not going to be hard to get a luxury experience when it comes to Elephants in Thailand. And Elephant Hills might not even be the perfect luxury experience out there but we have specifically chosen this, because of how ethical they are and how well they take care of the giant species. A lot of so-called luxury experiences actually hurt the mammal and subject them to poor and cruel lifestyle.

  1. Island Hopping

Hire a long-tailed boat and start island hopping. It is an experience like no other, travel from one remote island to another while enjoying the view, the food, the coastline, the beaches and the marine life. Every brochure will contain the most iconic limestone rocks on the Phang Nga Bay; we believe that the photo cannot really hold a candle to the actually thing. As an added bonus, you will also get the chance to snorkel in the clean waters of Andaman Sea.

  1. Floating markets

Thailand at its finest. Enough Said.